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Dear Community,

The last few weeks have been quite intense for ChronoBank with Bittrex delisting and the price turbulences resulting from that.

Nevertheless, the whole ChronoBank team is working harder than ever before, and we are very confident that the next weeks will be more fortunate. We have released some good news ones such as the planned MINUTES airdrop to TIME holders, the partnership with representatives of the Estonian government and our flagship product LaborX being in the first stage of external testings.

Another effort, being pursued now, is negotiating with several exchanges, for a listing of our TIME token. The first steps in this direction have already been made, and now we need YOUR help.

Vote fot $TIME on Bit-Z exchange

The Hong Kong based cryptocurrency exchange has offered to include TIME to their next round of its “vote for new currency launch” system.

Beginning on December 21st, all users will have the chance to vote for a TIME listing using Bit-Z’s internal VTC coin.

Maximum voting power for each user is 200 VTC, while a total of 1,000,000 VTC votes for TIME will lead to an instant listing.

We’ve also provided 1500 TIME promotion budget which will be distributed between the people who have voted for TIME.

How to vote?

  1. Use this referral code 1129416 or click the link: to sign up, this will give ChronoBank another 100 VTC votes each;
  2. Create an account and verify your email address;
  3. Complete Level 2 verification;
  4. Enable 2-FA authentication;
  5. Vote (It can take a few minutes before you can see your VTC).

We are kindly asking everyone to sign up on to help to make this possible. Let’s show the power of our Community!

Learn more about ChronoBank on our website.

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TIME is trading on the following exchanges:

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