Sunday TIMEs Issue #42

30 July — 05 August 2018

Welcome to the Issue #42 of Sunday TIMEs: TimeX sneak peek, ChronoMint translation updated, Community Q&A and Price Update.

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TIME Price Update

TIME Week high: $11.87 USD, 0.00145143 BTC
 TIME Week low: $8.83 USD, 0.00118675 BTC
 Maximum volume: $338 685 USD on August 02
 Minimum volume: $157 122 USD on August 04
 Leading exchange: Livecoin, TIME/BTC

👀 TimeX sneak peek

A few insights into ChronoBank’s upcoming TimeX exchange.

TimeX is a decentralized exchange, sharing the same order book and thus pool of liquidity with every other DEX utilizing the 0x protocol.

It plays an important role in ChronoBank’s ecosystem as it gives Workers, Clients, Recruiters and Investors the opportunity to safely trade their assets without the need to trust centralized third party exchanges.

🌎💬 ChronoMint translation updated

ChronoBank’s flagship wallet ChronoMint is now available in the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Russian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic.


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⁉️ Community Q&A

Q: Could you please clarify this part of the white paper:”LHT will be mined on LaborX sidechain. The miners will receive LHT for the work of their nodes. To start mining there is a need to make a deposit in Time-Holder.” Now the interesting part: “Deposits can be opened in Time or any other Erc20 token!”

So, why do I need time token anymore, what is the exclusive benefit?!

A: You are right, this is something we are developing, too.

Making mining possible with ERC-20 tokens other than TIME ensures that TIME remains its non-security status which is necessary in legal matters as well as in conversations with exchanges.

Mining with other ERC-20 tokens however will give a much smaller interest rate than mining with TIME.

We recently published an article describing TIME’s interest rate and ROI in detail, in case you’re interested:

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