Sunday TIMEs Issue #41

23 July — 29 July 2018

Welcome to the Issue #41 of Sunday TIMEs: ChronoBank’s ecosystem visualized, LaborX Sidechain and Token Mining Explained, Partnership with DASH embassy D-A-CH, Community Q&A, Press and Price Update.

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TIME Price Update

TIME Week high: $12.25 USD, 0.00149105 BTC
 TIME Week low: $10.85 USD, 0.00137341 BTC
 Maximum volume: $373 578 USD on July 25
 Minimum volume: $147 696 USD on July 29
 Leading exchange: Livecoin, TIME/BTC

🔎 ChronoBank’s ecosystem visualized

Have a look at this infographic with all necessary operations, products and entities within the ecosystem, according to updated White Paper.

Any questions?

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📄 LaborX Sidechain and Token Mining Explained

Since we updated ChronoBank’s White Paper our community has had a number of questions about how this will work in practice. The article presents the key ideas in more detail, including relevant figures:

🤝 Partnership with DASH embassy D-A-CH

Signing the cooperation agreement together with Rafael Schultz from DASH embassy D-A-CH yesterday at Factory in Berlin.

We are looking forward to a strong, constructive and successful partnership.

Details following!

⁉️ Community Q&A

Q:What is the incentive for users to become evaluators? I can’t understand why they are necessary on LaborX platform because workers and clients make assessment after completion of work each other.

A: Currently, there are no official information about (paid) incentives for one to become an evaluator. They might be employees of ChronoBank directly. Evaluators are necessary for the LaborX ecosystem to guarantee for example the qualification of workers for certain jobs or the legitimacy of Clients in each country.

Q:What information is included in worker’s private profile?

A:A worker may choose to include any information he thinks is necessary for him to receive job offers. Naturally, people with transparent profiles are of course more likely to be chosen to perform a job. Profile information will include anything that most conventional job resume have, beginning with information like Name, Age, Address, Profile Picture up to Qualifications, ID, Insurance etc.

Q: I can’t understand a job board made by providers. Does anyone can become them?When do users need it?

A:Recruiters (Providers) will organize and moderate job board. Job boards are simply ‘folders’ which contain job offers from Clients for a certain region or company. For example there could be 1 job board only for jobs in Australia, 1 job board for jobs in Los Angeles region, 1 job board for Smile company and so on.

Q:LH token issuing company is equal to client, is it?

A:$LHT will be mined by $TIME holders in PoS / Masternode consensus algorithm. ChronoBank then buys back these LHT from miners and sends them to LaborX platform.

📰 Press

from: Andrew Spence


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