Sunday TIMEs Issue #40

16 July — 22 July 2018

Welcome to the Issue #40 of Sunday TIMEs: Public LaborX testing, Article about ChronoBank in, Research: Blockchain and the Future of Resumes and Price Update.

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TIME Price Update

TIME Week high: $13.69 USD, 0.00207407 BTC
 TIME Week low: $10.38 USD, 0.00143099 BTC
 Maximum volume: $305 727 USD on July 20
 Minimum volume: $156 275 USD on July 22
 Leading exchange: Liqui, TIME/BTC

🔥 Public LaborX testing

Register for LaborX testing now to receive test-LHT for using on ChronoBank’s test-net!

  1. Send an application with the ETH address you used to sign up for LaborX to
  2. Wait for your Invitation to receive test LH tokens.
  3. Test
  4. Send your report about any feature to

⭐️ Article about ChronoBank in

With information about the project, How the marketplace works, Better exploitation or better transparency, Working class struggles against inflation and Next steps.

Read it here:

🔎📝 Research: Blockchain and the Future of Resumes

A new article from our research category is online, covering: Blockchain and the Future of Resumes; If you’re hiring for a project or a job, what’s the biggest risk you face?

Read the full article here:

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