Sunday TIMEs Issue #39

09 July — 15 July 2018

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Welcome to the Issue #39 of Sunday TIMEs: Throwback to Berlin, ChronoBank Community Survey, Detailed information about $TIME on Coinlib, Community Q&A and Price Update.

TIME Price Update

TIME Week high: $14.40 USD, 0.00225618 BTC
 TIME Week low: $12.02 USD, 0.00187342 BTC
 Maximum volume: $533 855 USD on July 11
 Minimum volume: $155 698 USD on July 10
 Leading exchange: Livecoin, TIME/BTC

🚀 Throwback to Berlin

Thanks to for highlighting ChronoBank’s appearance at Blockshow 2018 in Berlin on their Twitter!

📊 ChronoBank Community Survey:

More than 150 participants already!

Help us gain a better understanding about the sentiment of payments in cryptocurrencies.

The survey only takes 3 minutes and collects no private data.

📚 Detailed information about $TIME on Coinlib

Check out ChronoBank (TIME) statistics and information on Coinlib. Lot’s of interesting technical analysis, metrics and performace infos! 📊


⁉️ Community Q&A

Q: I have one question regarding LaborX. Once presented, this will be a project for global mass, right? What is the plan for attracting users to the platform? I assume you will have business developers that will search for partners on the platform and marketing/PR strategy that will attract workers?

A:Yes, you are absolutely right, LaborX is intended to be functional and used worldwide. It provides all the advantages of blockchain technology, but can be used by anyone, regardless of technical expertise. We project 1,000 companies and 100,000 users will sign up for LaborX by year’s end, saving them approximately $45 million per month. LaborX is ChronoBank’s peer-to-peer jobs marketplace. It will allow workers to connect with employers, completing tasks and getting paid in Labour Hour (LH) tokens. There are three roles on LaborX platform (Recruiters, Workers and Clients). The Worker is a freelancer or contractor seeking employment. More info you will find in this article:

ChronoBank already has numerous partnerships among several industries. You can see the official partnerships on the Home Site of our Website

But of course our team is in concurrent relation with many personal (and online) contacts, also from within important industries like HR, blockchain, fintech and commercial-crypto. Our team will however concentrate on establishing LaborX’ utilization in the Australian market first and then expand our efforts towards the European market and after that the rest of the world.

Speaking of the Australian market, we already established partnerships with existing labor hiring agencies there which will use LaborX first once it’s in production version. You can look up these agencies in our FAQ on our website:

Furthermore we are constantly closing new partnerships and networking with individuals and companies from the industry in both Australia and Europe to rise more and more awareness towards our project. Likewise our marketing team currently concentrates on setting up an extensive marketing plan for the upcoming months.

Q:How many companies have signed up to LaborX so far?

A:Hello! Currently running the beta version of the LaborX. Release is scheduled at Q4, 2018. So it’s premature to disclose the confidential information about companies that have already signed up. Nevertheless there are companies which openly agreed on using LaborX.

Info can be found in FAQ under “Who are the issuing Labor hiring companies?”

Q: Isn’t blockchain meant to remove middleman?

Is there a real need for a Recruiter?

A:Hi, Marco! The Recruiter (Provider) has administrative privileges to create and manage jobs boards. This is a role that enables the marketplace to have some structure and clarity, so that everyone can find what they need to. Both Clients (employers) and workers will use these boards to connect with each other, but they typically won’t be able to create new boards and manage the content on them. The Recruiter is therefore something like an organiser and moderator. Please, read this article to find a brief summary about roles on the LaborX platform

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