Sunday TIMEs Issue #36

18 June — 24 June 2018

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Welcome to the Issue #36 of Sunday TIMEs: ChronoMint Version 0.9.0 released, Reasons why you should join a blockchain-based job platform and Price Update.

TIME Price Update

TIME Week high: $20.48 USD, 0,00303037 BTC
 TIME Week low: $15.02 USD, 0,00253748 BTC
 Maximum volume: $377 486 USD on June 19
 Minimum volume: $148 426 USD on June 24
 Leading exchange: Livecoin, TIME/BTC

⚙️ ChronoMint Version 0.9.0 released

A new ChronoMint Version has been released last week with the following changes:

✅ completely reworked user interface

✅ more #ERC20 tokens added

✅ 2FA authentication

✅ select an address for @TREZOR and @LedgerHQ support

✅ bug fixes

Read more about the release in this article:

6️⃣ Reasons why you should join a blockchain-based job platform.

In that article we explain why it only makes sense to join a blockchain-based job platform.

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