Six Reasons Why You Should Join A Blockchain-Based Job Platform

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Jeff Bezos once famously wrote that when you embrace external trends, you get a tailwind at your back. In today’s market, that means if you’re looking for work, any kind of work, you should spend your next afternoon researching and signing up for a blockchain-based job platform like LaborX. Why? Because the tailwind is coming.

The grandfather of blockchain-based job platforms is Ethlance, built on Ethereum’s network and launched in January of 2017. It’s still kicking, though it looks and functions like a primordial Craigslist. The modern alternative is LaborX, which recently launched and features its own built-in wallet and exchange for an all-in-one experience. Aside from LaborX, there’s a host of projects that are in the beta phase or pre launch, like, Atlas,, and Canya Hire.

It’s true that traditional job platforms are sizably bigger, with more job opportunities and features. But there are at least 6 major benefits to investing your energy into their blockchain-powered disruptors.

First, it’ll gives your candidacy a coat of sheen. Companies seeking cutting-edge hires know that if you’re on a blockchain-based job platform, you’re an early adopter by definition. They’ll assume you’re proactive, willing to take a risk on an emerging technology, and disciplined enough to learn the tech. If a company posts the same job on two platforms: one on Upwork and the other on LaborX, the candidates from LaborX will have less competition to stand out and will get bonus points to their charisma score (subtle D&D reference!).

Second, you’ll gain access to exclusive jobs, especially in the blockchain industry. It stands to reason that blockchain companies are incentivized to support a blockchain future, meaning they’ll cut special deals with the platforms and list openings there first. That’s already happening. Non-blockchain companies will be lured by their own first-mover advantages and the negligible listing fees, which we’ll get to next.

Third, you’ll earn more. Traditional platforms like Upwork and Fiverr charge hefty fees, ranging from 5% to 20%. Blockchain settlement efficiencies mean lower fees, partially because the platforms don’t have to deal with chargebacks or credit card fees. For example, Ethlance charges 0% and LaborX, a whopping 1%. If you’re like most people, a few hundred dollars a month can be the difference between a fully funded retirement fund and living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Fourth, your work will speak for itself. The bane of joining a job platform is having to spend more time hawking your skills than actually helping your client. That’s because your competition cheats. A competitor with a poor review history deletes their account and starts fresh while another has a dozen friends “hire” them with good ratings. Everyone misrepresents their work history (85% lie on their resume). While the blockchain doesn’t completely fix those issues, it has the potential to mitigate them down the line, because of increased transparency and an immutable ledger. For example, LaborX is developing an immutable reputation score that combines your identity, work history, and a dozen other data points.

Fifth, you’ll get paid on time, every time. Smart contracts enable instant, automatic payments. That’s a big deal because if you’ve ever been hired for freelance work, you’ve had clients who paid you less than you negotiated upfront. Or clients who delayed payment until their accounting department “got around to it.” Or clients who decided not to pay you at all. According to The Freelancer’s Union, a whopping 80% of freelancers have been stiffed at one point or another in their career. Without credit card fees or transfer delays, the blockchain also enables real-time micro-payments. Imagine crypto hitting your wallet every hour rather than having to wait until a project’s completion to get paid. LaborX is working on this: we call it “continuous payments.”

We mentioned the sixth reason in the opening paragraph: you’ll get a tailwind. When blockchain-based job platforms become the new normal, and you’re among their first members, you’ll find yourself deluged with opportunity. You’ll have the longest work history, the most experience with the platform’s ins-and-outs, and likely a position as a featured member. And it’s all because you took a few hours to sign up early.

Don’t fret if you’re not a blockchain programmer or have no interest in joining a blockchain startup. Blockchain-based job platforms support all kinds of professions, like writing or design, in all kinds of industries, like publishing or advertising. Don’t want to get paid in crypto? That’s okay, you can convert your earnings the moment you receive them to your currency of choice.

Sign up for LaborX today. Then sit back, and enjoy the breeze!

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