Introducing ChronoBank’s DMT: Distributed blockchain Middleware Tracker

ChronoBank has a new product in the pipeline, designed to unite different blockchain implementations into a single ecosystem.

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It’s been a big couple of years for blockchain, with an explosion of interest and projects — all offering something different. It seems that new blockchain implementations appear almost every day, each with their own protocol. And each initiative has different value, whether that means financial value (price) or the unique functionality it offers. Whilst that means there’s a fantastic array of services for developers and businesses to use, it can be overwhelming. Running all of the necessary blockchain services separately is prohibitively complex and time-consuming.

Uniting the blockchains

ChronoBank’s Distributed Middleware Tracker (DMT) is designed to combine different blockchain implementations within a unified interface, creating a single ecosystem that is easy to use and highly scalable.

DMT already supports BTC, BCH, BCG, LTC and ETH, as well as NEM and Waves tokens. All of this functionality is available through our powerful REST APIs, allowing anyone to use any supported coin or token, no matter what the platform. This will enable developers to launch and interact with utility tokens, which can be used to unlock features and act as an integral part of a software ecosystem, without requiring extensive coding; this will be possible simply with the correct configuration.

DMT encompasses a broad collection of services:

  • Decentralised storage,
  • Smart contracts listener,
  • Balance watching,
  • Transaction tracking.

It’s secure, being hooked directly into blockchain. It’s also an order of magnitude faster and less resource-heavy than other blockchain explorers, as well as being very easy to deploy. DMT requires just a single installer, is well documented and is already in production use with partners. In fact, we’ll be using it as the interconnection between the Ethereum mainnet and our TimeX/LaborX sidechain.

The overall idea is that DMT will provide detailed analytics for different blockchain services and act as a kind of bridge between different protocols — providing a universal interface to engage with blockchain technology. The product can be extended with plugins, which can be written in any language, and we will provide a comprehensive SDK to help developers achieve this.

TIME integration

Like all of ChronoBank’s applications, DMT will be monetised using the TIME token. At the moment, we’re working on introducing some analytics services on top of DMT. We’ll be releasing more information about this a little further down the line.

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