How to transfer TIME from the exchange to ChronoWallet?

In this ‘How-To’ article, we’ll talk about how to transfer your TIME from the exchange to the ChronoWallet.

ChronoWallet is the core product of the ChronoBank network used to store and manage all supported cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, any ERC-20 token and of course TIME itself.

To be able to use ChronoBank’s features to their full extent (e.g. receiving interest payment, request/provide job offers, starting crowdfunding-campaigns etc.), you will need to transfer TIME from an exchange to ChronoWallet.

Step 1: Copy your own ChronoWallet Ethereum Address

It can be found in the profile section of ChronoWallet, is used for receiving transactions and roughly looks like this: 0x88ce……1a5f.

Step 2: Go to the exchange where you purchased TIME 
Login to your account and then access the balance page, select the withdrawal option there.

Step 3: Provide a receiver address

Step 4: Put in your personal ChronoWallet Address from the first step
We recommend to always double check the first and last few characters of the inserted address.

Step 5: Confirm the withdrawal either by 2FA or verification email
TIME balance in your ChronoWallet will adjust as soon as the transaction has been implemented and verified by the network, which usually only takes some minutes.

Note that for every action executed with TIME later in your ChronoWallet, a small amount of Ethereum will be needed. That is common for every dApp running on the Ethereum Net.

Ethereum can be bought on most cryptocurrency-exchanges usually for Bitcoin or Fiat ($,€,¥,…) and sending ETH to ChronoWallet works exactly how it does with TIME.

In previous “how-to” articles, we’ve already explained how to buy TIME on exchanges and how to login to ChronoMint.

TIME is trading on the following exchanges:
It is also available via Changelly service:


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