ChronoBank survey: Would you get paid in crypto if you could?

Everyone knows about bitcoin — but how many people own crypto or are paid in it for their day-to-day jobs? And how many would earn crypto, if they had the opportunity? We want to find out.

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Last year saw huge mainstream interest in cryptocurrency. The scale of media coverage brought this new set of technologies to public attention for the first time, and there can now be few people who do not know what Bitcoin is. Awareness of crypto is at an all-time high, even if the markets have inevitably experienced a deep correction after the bubble that peaked in December 2017.

Cryptocurrencies offer a completely new way of doing money: the ability to create our own currencies, sending and receiving them from anywhere in the world, at low cost and almost instantly. There are many, many use cases for Bitcoin and these other forms of digital cash — not least the phenomenon of blockchain crowdfunding or ICOs, which also rose to prominence last year.

However, Bitcoin was first conceived as peer-to-peer online cash, or money for the internet age. Bitcoin has enjoyed enormous interest as a speculative asset, but how many people hold it for the long term or use it as money? How many people use crypto in their everyday lives, as a means of paying for services or earning it for the work they do? And how many people would accept payment in crypto, if it was offered to them?

These are some of the things we want to find out, which is why we’re launching a survey about crypto holdings and its use in the context of earning salaries and real-world payments. We want to gain a sense of how the unprecedented interest in cryptocurrencies cashes out in reality — how big the potential market is for crypto payments, and how much attention HR departments should be paying to this movement.

We hope you’ll help us by filling our our poll of 21 questions. We’ll publish the results in due course — and we expect there will be a few surprises in the answers. You can find the survey here:

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