ChronoBank sponsors C4YT hackathon

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We’ll have a strong presence at the event, where we will be running a workshop to introduce our new DMT framework and encouraging developers to start building applications with it.

As part of its mission to bring blockchain to everyday use cases, ChronoBank not only builds new technology but is committed to networking with developers and influencers at the biggest conferences and crypto events. That’s why we’re one of the sponsors for the Crypto 4 Your Thoughts hackathon, which will be held this weekend in San Francisco!

The event focuses on helping developers build new interfaces and improving user experience — something still very much needed in the cryptocurrency world if we are to reach mainstream audiences successfully. C4YT will bring together over 300 top developers, with $25,000 in prizes on offer.

It’s the perfect place to introduce and explore our powerful new Distributed blockchain Middleware Tracker (DMT) framework, and one of our developers (Egor Zyev, our Middleware team lead) will be a mentor for the hackathon.

Egor will be leading a workshop on how to build apps with the DMT. Developers will learn how to use the framework to create distributed services using the APIs as a powerful, straightforward and unified way to access a wide range of blockchain functionality. There will be an emphasis on real-world business use cases. Participants will suggest ideas and ChronoBank’s team will implement it with them during the hackathon.

This promises to be a great event, and we hope to see some of you there. For more information, visit

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