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A healthy, strong and continuously growing community is an essential part of an optimal development process, especially among fintech and crypto projects.

While concentrating on conventional ways of doing so, for example, having an consistently positive and active presence on as many social networks and publication ressources as possible, we have recently, together with partners from the industry, developed a way with our community itself being the main drive for grow while keeping that organically.

⛔️ UPDATE: Due to the high demand of our referral campaign and the resulting persistent traffic in our Telegram group, we decided to pause the bot ⛔️

We are pleased to introduce to you, the ChronoBank Friends & Family referral bot. For the next three months, everyone from our community may use this bot to share ChronoBank’s vision (and above all, our Telegram group) with friends, family, neighbours or just the people following you on social media — while getting rewarded for it.


For any successful referral to our official Telegram group, users will be rewarded with $1 in TIME
The maximum amount of referrals within the three months period is 30. The rewards will be sent at respective exchange rate while everyone has sufficient possibilities to convert TIME in USD(T).

Multiple accounts using the same email address or ETH address will not receive any rewards. Same goes for obvious fraudulent referrers with fake and unreal names or names occuring repeatedly on Telegram with only minimal changes. Referrers without unique Telegram @name, will not be served as of now and may claim their rewards manually later. Referrers who are not in the ChronoBank Telegram group at the time of distribution anymore, will also receive no rewards. ChronoBank will carefully sort out apparent and obvious fake referrals and will remain the right to deny distribution in certain cases.

An active e-mail address is required.

By participating in this campaign, you agree to the receipt of our newsletter.

‼️ UPDATE: Thanks for participating in the referral campaign. We’ve slightly underestimated the amount of people who will hit maximum amount of 30 referrals. Therefore to make it fair, we’ve removed bonus payment for the top 5 people with the highest referral number. Now everyone who invites 30 people will receive bonus of 0.25 TIME


Is the referal campaign real?
Yes, it is real.

What is the maximum number of people I can invite?
The maximum amount of referrals is 30.

When will the campaign end?
In 3 months.

When I recieve my tokens? 
The first part of rewards will be sent in 2 weeks. We’ll send tokens every week.

How many tokens per ref?
Users will be rewarded with $1 in TIME per ref.

What wallet should i use to get tokens?
You can use any wallet with ERC20 support. For example, our own wallet ChronoMint.


Step 1: Make sure to join our main Telegram chat.

Step 2: Go to our Friends & Family referral bot @chronobankrefbot ( and click ‘Start’.

Step 3: Click ‘Wallet’ and when it say ‘Your wallet number is none’ simply paste your ETH wallet address in the text field and send.

You will also be asked to add an email in case we need to contact you regarding your bonus distribution.

Clicking ‘Wallet’ again after these steps and it should look like this.

Step 4: Almost done, the last step before you can start.

Click ‘Link’ to display your personal, unique referral link.

Use this link to share ChronoBank’s vision with your friends and family and get rewarded for it.

Step 5 (for referred person only): It is important to notice that your personal link will not forward people to our actual main group but to the referral bot.

☑️ For you to receive the reward however, it’s necessary for them to join Chronobank group.

So once you have referred your friends and family to the bot, all they have to do is:

  1. Start bot
  2. Click ‘Rules’
  3. Join ChronoBank’s main telegram group with the provided link.

Et voilà, your referral is completed and you can check your successful ones when clicking ‘Stats’.

ChronoBank reserves the right to change the rules of the referral campaign in retrospect.

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