ChronoBank partners with DBrain to Develop Better Employee Reputation Scoring Using AI

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ChronoBank has recently established a strategic partnership with Dbrain, an open blockchain platform for collectively building AI apps. Through this partnership, ChronoBank will use Dbrain’s technology to create fair evaluation system for workers in the labor market.

Dbrain made a simple tool that links crowdworkers and data scientists to collaborate in AI production line with a blockchain at the bottom. Dbrain makes AI more accessible to businesses by linking them directly to data labelers, and allows anyone to earn money in exchange for their effort and skill in building AI apps.

“Our solution is a great fit for ChronoBank. We are thrilled to be part of ChronoBank’s vision to revolutionize the recruitment space. We’ll be working closely to develop the employee scoring system.” — Dmitry Matskevich, CEO of Dbrain.

Chronobank will use Dbrain’s AI platform to create a score for employee productivity. Dbrain will help evaluate employee information and train the neural networks to create the intelligence for scoring. It will result in a more trustworthy employee assessment metric than anything available on the market today.

“We are glad to support DBrain team and collaborate in terms of better evaluation system for LaborX platform. Together we’ll create the system that everyone can trust. ” — Sergey Sergienko, CEO of ChronoBank.

About Dbrain:
Dbrain is an open blockchain platform to collectively build AI apps. Dbrain links crowd workforce with data scientists to turn raw data into real-world AI solutions for businesses, creating a win-win situation for all participants in the AI market. After securing $2.5 million in seed funding, Dbrain has reached a significant milestone by releasing the alpha version of the platform, including a web application and a Telegram bot. 
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