ChronoBank Community Update: February 2018

Dear Community,

February has been a very productive month for ChronoBank team. First of all, thanks to everyone who voted for the White Paper update. With your input, we’ve made an important decision about the future of the project. And the best is yet to come!

Social Channels in Numbers

Our community continue the trend of strong growth across the social media channels.

  • Facebook: +709 new followers
  • Twitter: +1000 new followers

Have you noticed that ChronoBank Twitter account has been redesigned? Go and check yourself ☞

New testing campaign for our beloved commmunity

We have recently started another testing campaign for our community, this time for the new ChronoWallet interface design.

We’re looking for any feedback that might improve our user experience and help make using the wallet as smooth and intuitive as possible. That includes the overall flow of the user journey, the layout of the interface itself and, of course, any bugs that might have managed to slip through the net.

A total bounty of 200 TIME can be claimed by the ChronoBank community.

☞ The ChronoWallet interface is available for testing at:

☞ Please email your feedback and suggestions to

More detailed information in the proper article:

Eucoin voting

Eucoin, an upcoming european cryptocurrency exchange recently put the listing of the first tokens and coins on their platform to vote.

With the help of our community, ChronoBank managed to close the poll on place #5.

A big thank you from the whole team for all your support and efforts!

Coming up…

Our #ChronoTeam video series in which our team members give some insights in their private life and experience at ChronoBank will soon go into the next round, with our Digital Communication Manager Alexandra and Marketing Director Andrey in line.

In case you have missed the previous parts with our CEO Sergei Sergienko and our CTO Mikhail Savchenko, you can watch them here:

Voting polls in telegram

In our main telegram group, we started a new format of polls, called ChronoBank Telegram-Community Polls.

We will regularly create new polls to gain a better understand of our Community, which we consider our most valuable asset.

We’ll keep you informed, thanks for the support and stay tuned!

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