ChronoBank CEO to participate in Armenian Blockchain Forum

Sergei Sergienko took part in a panel discussion about the advantages of decentralisation in different economic regions.

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ChronoBank enjoyed again a strong presence at a key international event as CEO Sergei Sergienko attends the Armenian Blockchain Forum 2018. The conference is billed as a ‘Digital Spring for economic development in a decentralized world’ and takes place on Sunday 22 April.

Sergei Sergienko, ChronoBank’s founder and CEO

The emphasis of the forum is on the potential of blockchain for the economies of small countries — which have so far proven more agile and interested in adopting distributed ledger technology than many larger economies. The event will be attended by over 600 professionals and experts to share ideas and perspectives among government officials, established businesses, start-ups and research organisations — all with the aim of positioning Armenia to take advantage of this new suite of technologies.

ChronoBank’s founder and CEO, Sergei Sergienko, took part in the panel discussion: ‘Setting up the Countries’ Economies: Blockchain implementation advantages’. The session explored the real-world positive impact of implementing decentralised technologies in different regions, including Zug (a well-known pro-blockchain municipality in Switzerland), Australia & Oceania, Ukraine, Ireland and Russia.

The moderator for the discussion was Russia Today’s Miguel Francis-Santiago, and the line-up included a number of other notable industry leaders:

  • Ben Banerjee, Swiss Impact Investment Association, Zug, Switzerland
  • Reuben Godfrey, Co-founder of the Blockchain Association of Ireland, Ireland’s Crypto Coast, Advisor at
  • Artem Afian, Juscutum Attorneys Association, Advisor of the Government of Ukraine
  • Andrew Thornhill, founder at Spotcoin, investor of and other ecosystem projects (USA, Georgia)

We are looking forward to seeing ChronoBank become better known as a blockchain thought-leader through such events as we complete the first iteration of our ecosystem technology.

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