September TIMEs

Cryptomarket faces hard times now, some traders and investors call it crypto winter. Although in the northern hemisphere it is still autumn, for the last several months BTC price was moving between 6 and 8 K USD. Analysts explain it with BTC futures adoption, but who can know for sure what really happens on the market yet so young and prone to manipulations.

Be it as it may, in ChronoBank we have products to develop and promises to hold, so we work hard no matter what season it is in the crypto valley. TimeX and ChronoWallet got many visual and security updates, while LaborX gained almost all the functions to become an MVP. We will be happy if you give our products a try by clicking Our Products button in the top right corner of our website. We value your feedback, it will be our guide for future improvements.

We also value your security and trust. That is why we have launched a new bug bounty campaign. All white hat hackers are welcome, your prizes wait for you!

Focusing on product development, we don’t forget another important asset – our community. ChronoBank’s community managers collect the most frequent questions and then we publish it in TIMEs, this issue also has some answers for you. Soon we want to collect all FAQ and guides into one big knowledge base so if the question was asked before anyone can find the answer quickly. Share your thoughts on how you see it and which format is the most convenient for you.

Knowing the audience you work for is a big part of making a successful product. In summer we started a big survey about payments in crypto that helped us to understand you, the blockchain community, much better. The results of the survey were rather helpful and widely cited in crypto media and recruiting media sources.


Enjoy your reading and thank you for the belief in what we do!


Sergey Sergienko and the ChronoBank team

TIME price

TIME monthly high: $7.81 USD, 0.00106984 BTC

TIME monthly low: $4.32 USD, 0.00067461 BTC

Maximum volume: $286 099 USD on September 02

Minimum volume: $64 048 USD on September 29

Leading exchange (24h): Kucoin, TIME/BTC

Bug bounty campaign

We are inviting white hat hackers to help test the security of our products and earn from $150 to $2,500, depending on the severity of the bug. The focus of the campaign is front-end, but we welcome any contribution. Go to ChronoBank bugcrowd page and start hunting! The programme will run for one month, until 24 October 2018.


Since the last update, TimeX and ChronoWallet got some interface and security improvements. For LaborX we push the product to MVP and have implemented the most essential mechanisms for employment workflow.


  • Modern interface for manual trading
  • 2FA
  • Social login
  • Paper wallets
  • Server Accounts
  • Multisignature wallets & trading accounts with optional 2FA support
  • KYC and customer back-office
  • In-app wallet and transaction log


  • Job Boards
  • New Job creation
  • Posted jobs overview
  • Job workflow
  • Disputes mechanism

We have launched UI and UX testing campaign for LaborX. If you want to get involved, to see and to try what our developers achieved within the last months, please send your ETH (test) wallet address to and get an invitation to the private LaborX Beta testing group.


LaborX: I can’t understand what is a job board made by providers. Can anyone become them? When do users need it?

Recruiters (Providers) will organize and moderate job board. Job boards are simply ‘folders’ which contain job offers from Clients for a certain region or company. For example, there could be 1 job board only for jobs in Australia, 1 job board for jobs in Los Angeles region, 1 job board for Smile company and so on.

LaborX: I don’t understand clearly the difference between LaborX and other recruit services such as Upwork, Elance – do they also have a reputation system?

To name just a few benefits LaborX will offer to both workers and clients:

  • At LaborX you will earn your real market value,
  • LaborX will help you build a strong reputation so I don’t have to work as hard to find new jobs,
  • LaborX will help you create my perfect work-life balance,
  • LaborX will give you the access to exciting new job opportunities from around the world,
  • Instant payments by the second executed via smart contract,
  • 1% flat fee charged on any job, compared to UpWork who are for example charging 20% per job.

LHT token: Why use LHT when you can use Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency)?

The short answer is volatility. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, making them impractical for daily transactions. LHT will be pegged to average labour-hour wages, making it a unique and reliable stablecoin.

Community: Where the survey data is coming from? I filled out the exact same questions for other exchange. Is it coming from the government to know who owns crypto and how much? It seems really weird that multiple crypto projects are asking questions about crypto in general.

No, we are not working with governments to find out who owns crypto. Our survey is completely anonymous as we are not collecting any type of personal data during the process.

Why I can’t see XMIN in my ChronoWallet?

XMIN are not displayed in the current version of the ChronoWallet. We are working on the implementation, it will be added in one of the future updates.

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